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  1. plural of view


  1. third person singular of view

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A view is something which may be observed as a result of visual perception.
View or viewing may also refer to:
  • View (database), a virtual or logical table composed of the result set of a query in relational databases
  • View, a word processor computer program produced by Acornsoft for the BBC Micro home computer
  • View (magazine), an American literary and art magazine published from 1940 to 1947
  • Viewing (funeral), the part of funerals where family and friends see the deceased
  • The View, a daytime USA television talk show on ABC
  • The View (band), a Scottish indie rock band
  • Mutual view, the quality or degree of visibility of a satellite to a ground station in satellite communications
  • Page view, a visit to a World Wide Web page
  • A view is another term for graphical projection
    • Plan view, a vertical orthographic projection of an object on a horizontal plane, like a map
  • World view, a "look onto the world"
  • An opinion
  • Model-view-controller, an architectural pattern in software engineering
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